Breast Milk MileStone™ Celebration

Supporting breastfeeding families is a passion very close to my heart.  Breastfeeding in modern society is very hard. Which makes celebrating the breastfeeding relationship something that is needed!  Whether you breastfeed for 3 days or 3 years the breastfeeding relationship needs to be celebrated! Some of the most extraordinary women I met were breastfeeding mothers. I have been honored to be apart of some of the most intimate and raw parts of so many families. These experiences have shaped and humbled me in ways I never imagined possible. It is my hope that all families have something tangible to celebrate their relationship relationship!

Over the past year I have been studying and experimenting to make the perfect formula for Breast Milk MileStone™ Jewelry. I am overwhelmed with excitement to be announcing that I am finally ready to accept some orders! I know many people who would love a piece. The great amount of time and precious metals that go into making the Breast Milk MileStone™ make them out of the budget to many.  Which is why I am inviting you, my clients and dear friends, to enter in a Mother’s Day Special Celebration!

Up to ten women will be selected to get a sterling silver Breast Milk MileStone™ ring and matching earrings similar to the one pictured for a $50, a fraction of the retail value($250).

Screenshot 2017-05-06 at 4.26.04 PM

To enter you must:

  • Be a client, friend, family member, professional colleague or peer
  • Share this post
  • Comment why you want a Breastmilk Mile’stone’™ Jewelry Set in the comment section on this page
  •  Be able to provide 3 ounces of breast milk. (If you can not get 3 ounces you can still enter with minimum of 1 ounce but will have a limited warranty.)
If you are not client, friend, family member, professional colleague or peer you can still enter to win a $50 gift card!

Mothers will  be selected and announced on Mother’s Day 2017.

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