Placenta Encapsulation

What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

“Placental encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills. Traditionally, this is taken by the mother and is believed to impart numerous health benefits. It is frequently taken shortly after giving birth, during a woman’s menstrual period, or during menopause with the belief that it helps counter some of the symptoms of menopause.” Read more from the American Pregnancy Association about placenta encapsulation.

Sample Placenta Encapsulation Pills and postpartum Herbs- Blissful Birth and Beyond
Sample Placenta Encapsulation Pills and postpartum Herbs- Blissful Birth and Beyond
Pictured is a sample of what the pills look like. These are not an actual picture of the final encapsulated placenta product. A picture of the final product can be found below.

Why would you get your placenta encapsulated?

Many mothers who have tried placenta encapsulation will tell you about the benefits they noticed. Here is a wonderful article siting numerous research studies about the benefits of placenta encapsulation from

What is the encapsulation process that Blissful Birth and Beyond uses?

There are two main processes for encapsulation. Blissful Birth and Beyond encourages women to use their intuition when deciding which is best for them! Read about the options for custom orders here.

Blissful Birth and Beyond takes pride the safety practices during the encapsulation process . Each Placenta is handled with integrity, good energy and your placenta has its own processing kit.

Placenta Encapsulation - Blissful Birth and Beyond
Placenta Encapsulation – Blissful Birth and Beyond

How much does it cost?

Placenta Pills-Cord Keepsake-Placenta Photography ………………………………………$215

Placenta Pills-Tincture-Cord Keepsake-Placenta Print…………………………………….$230

Placenta Pills-Tincture-Cord Keepsake-Placenta Print, Lactation Consult……..$250

Other services and discounts may apply with doula services.

This service is eligible for Blissful Birth and Beyond’s sliding scale fees if you are with in the income requirements. The cost includes placenta pick up and home delivery of the pills. This ensures your placenta is stored properly.

What areas does Blissful Birth and Beyond serve?

Placenta encapsulation for Athens, Augusta, Conyers, Covington, Gainesville and most areas of Northeast Georgia.

How do I order?

Please fill out the order form for booking this service after you have read the above links, your custom order options, If you have any questions before or during please then call 915-308-MIlk, Email or simply use the contact for below! You must complete a phone intake and sign intake forms before Blissful Birth and Beyond accepts you a client.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is at time of order or before 35 weeks to ensure encapsulator is on call and your placenta kit is ready.

Start here: Birth Preferences and Tips!

The birth of your child should be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Unfortunately, many women in the US experience birth trauma. Here are some tips for writing your Birth Plan. A Birth Plan is your preferences written out to help your support know what you want.


  • Take a tour of the place you are delivering
  • Clarify what is routine verse policy
  • Call it your birth preferences (The staff is more likely to be supportive when preferences is used instead of plan.)
  • Keep it under one page (Doing this makes it easy to read.)
  • Educate yourself on what is medically necessary verses routine (Typically if something is medically necessary it is more likely be a policy. However, not all policies are medically necessary and just because it is a policy does not mean you have to consent.)
  • View samples of prewritten samples such as the one below
  • Make it only about Labor, Delivery and Postpartum Care of mother and baby
Printable Birth Plan Template and Birth Planning Tips from a Doula.
Printable Birth Plan Template and Birth Planning Tips from a Doula.

Blissful Birth and Beyond does birth planning consults for $25.

Apply for the Athens Birth Fund to have services covered at no cost to you

What was the most important thing you are including in your birth plan?