Amy has exstensive lactation education, training and experince. She has supported women in all stages of their breastfeeding relationship.

Breastfeeding Support Hotline:

Amy McCoy operates a 24 hour breastfeeding support hotline. You can call anytime for phone breastfeeding support.

First phone consult is completely free and can signifantly improve your breastfeeding relationship.


Beginning Breastfeeding:

Taking a breastfeeding class is one of the most import things you can EVER do for your child’s health. In this 90 minute class you will learn the basics of breastfeeding and have the tools to start your baby’s life off with the best nutrition possible.

Infant feeding Consult:

If you are in need of infant feeding support please contact me immediately.

Breastfeeding Deluxe Package:

Private class with where all barriers are assessed and a breastfeeding success plan is made. A postpartum consult is scheduled along with phone support, and additional two consults are no charge if needed.

The cost is $100.

We want all women to reach their breastfeeding goals. Please do not hesitate to call if you are having any reservations. The number one reason a woman doesn’t reach her breastfeeding goals is lack of support.

Assessment Consent Form can be found here.