Breast Milk Mile’stone’ Jewelry

Looking for a keepsake to your breastfeeding journey? Look no further!

Current processing time 6-8 weeks*

Fresh or frozen milk to be dropped off to Rachel or shipped priority mail- directions below.


Breastmilk: As long as you kept it in the freezer until shipping it is okay to use no matter how old it  is. I would prefer an ounce of breast milk I can work with less though. Donor milk is available as well.



You can ship breast milk priority mail through the USPS in an envelope. You may want to double bag the milk if it has been stored in  the freezer (Especially Medela bags!)

10325 Double Bridges Rd.
Winterville, GA

If you are local to Athens, you can arrange drop-off at the Athens Mothers Center Tuesday and  Friday mornings or to my residence in the evenings.


Ring sizing below: