Education for Families


Childbirth Workshop

This is a one day workshop designed for families birthing anywhere. Designed to give the birthing person all the tools needed to birth confidently and supported.

When taking this workshop childbirth you will learn:

  • Hospitals and Birth Center
  • How to Choose the Right Care Provider
  • Informed Consent
  • Common Interventions
  • Stages of Labor
  • How to Support your Body during Labor and Birth
  • Pain Management Options
  • Coping Skills
  • How Dad or Partner can be Supportive
  • How to Effectively Communicate your Preferences with Care Provider
  • Birth Plan

Childbirth Workshop per birthing person with unlimited support members included.  Now booking June 24th Workshop. The Childbirth Workshop can be booked privately for $175.  Register for our Childbirth Workshop here.

Beginning Breastfeeding

Taking a breastfeeding class is one of the most import things you can EVER do for your child’s health. In this 90 minute class you will learn the basics of breastfeeding and have the tools to confidently start your baby’s life off with the best nutrition possible.
When taking Confident Breastfeeding you will learn:
  • Setting the Stage from Birth
  • Hormones, Reflexes, & Responses
  • Infant Feeding Cues
  • Positions for Breastfeeding & Latch
  • Pumping & Returning to Work
  • Finding & Receiving Support
  • Personal Breastfeeding Plan
The cost of the class is $45. You must pre-register for the class here 24 hours in advance. Register for Beginning Breastfeeding here.












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