Southern New Mexico Primitive Camping with Small Children

I’m reluctant to share about this family-friendly gem hidden in the Gila National Forest, because we like remote camping locations with little outside interaction. This is our weekend getaway place. Three hours from El Paso is a beautiful Small town called Silver City. Drive 45 min into the Gila National Forest from Silver City on highway 180 and turn left on Bill Evans Rd. You end up and the gorgeous Bill Evens Lake in the in the middle of the mountains.

Bill Evans Lake. Silver City New Mexico

Reasons we choose Bill Evans Lake:

  • It is an easy drive from EL Paso.
  • No access fee-Free camping!
  • The roads are maintained so my Jetta makes its right to the camp site.
  • The lake slowly gets deeper. I do not have to worry about my child when playing in the water.
  • Record breaking fish have been caught out of the lake.
  • If you camp during the week you will probably be alone at night.
  • Dog Friendly!
  • It is only 45 min to civilization in case on an emergency or supply run!
  • Other people who camp/fish there are typically locals and the town has great people!
  • Amazing Wildlife and breath taking views.


What I packed that made camping with a four year old and four month old enjoyable:

Most links in this section are to The Natural Baby. The Natural Baby is a family-run boutique with an Eco-minded mission starting with cloth diapering and extending into sustainable alternatives, natural remedies and holistic living for families! Join my group on Facebook: The Natural Baby- El Paso.
  • Tula Soft Structured Carrier (I actually left it at Adobe Spring Cafe in Silver City and went back the next day and they had saved it for me. YAY! Good People!)
  • Bumbo (Pictured below)
  • Dream Blanket (If you are pregnant I highly suggest only buying this blanket for baby!)20161123_164054
  • Butterbean Sunscreen
  • Bug-a-boo Herbal Bug Spray (LOVE THIS! Read my review about it killing ants.)
  • Lavender and Tea Tree Roll-On Essential Oils (Normally I use Doterra, however Aura Cacia is a super affordable option. I like this brand for topical use and diffusion. It is a great option for camping. If something happens to it I wouldn’t be upset and it was very convenient in a roller.)
  • Acrylic Paint set (My four year old loves rocks. We painted them with creatures and made a tic-tac-toe board)
  • Chew Beads A must have to keep baby entertained while hiking! 20161124_130418
  • Wooden Rattle/Teether 5216-detail-011
  • 3 Flip Cloth Diaper Covers (For a week long trip. Just hand washed and layer in sun to dry.)
  • Flip Disposable Inserts

If you purchase anything use promo code “bliss” for a discount!

The weather in Gila was absolutely manageable in November with the children staying in a tent(with us). Our routine was based around staying warm.

This is what we did:

Mornings: Woke up around 7am. Nick made breakfast and coffee. P played in a heavy jacket. R and I stayed in the tent until it warmed up around 9am.

Afternoons: By 1pm the weather was beautiful. We hiked during this time in light clothing.

Evenings: Made a fire and bundled both children up. If it was too windy R chilled in bumbo inside the tent with the door opened.

Night: R slept in a insulated Carter’s sleeper and P slept in normal pjs and her sleeping bag. We were quite comfortable every night. However, there was heavy wind the last night which was distributive to sleep. We applied lavender to help everyone through the night.

Camping Hack: Baby R is wearing normal children’s mittens with the thumb rolled into the band.

What is your favorite place to camp?

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